Thursday, February 04, 2010


Snow and I have a complicated relationship.

First off, I detest the cold. I'm a t-shirt and capris, sandals and ponytail kind of girl. The hotter, the better. Therefore, I do not go out in the snow.

However, I love to watch it fall from the sky. It makes everything look so clean and neat and white -- none of which are terms which could usually be used to describe my back yard. All of the broken plastic ride on toys, stacks of wood "forts" created by the boys, and piles of whatever that stuff is out next to Nate's shed all look pretty and white.

I love being forced to slow down, to enjoy one another's company, when we get a large snowfall. I love movies and cookies and hot chocolate with my boys. They are so wide open all the time, and beginning to have their own lives. Those times when we hang out as a family (or, "like a family," as they call it) are precious. Bad weather forces us to do that.

But then, in a few days, real life has to kick back up. And the snow makes me have tons of laundry. Lots of wet clothes and socks and lots of layers. And then the MUD. Snow is really water, in case you didn't know that. And when it melts into the ground, it makes mud. And then the mud gets on the shoes. Which come into my house on the feet. And then the mud falls off the shoes on the floor.

So, I will enjoy the 18 to 30 inches of snow which are about to fall from the sky for a few days. And when I stop enjoying it, I will just remember that May is only 85 days away.

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Lynda said...

I love the snow. I rarely get cabin fever. I don't complain or obsess about it, depth, damage, outages, dificulties, blah blah. I enjoy my family. Any inconvienences are temporary. I can keep a good attitude with minimal venting (like now). I can see deliverance from so many selfish desires just falling off of me. God provides more than I could ever hope. He is so good to me. God bless the snow :)