Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving of thanks

It's the time of year again where we focus on the things for which we are thankful. As I think I've said before, it seems a shame that we shove so much thankfulness into a few days and seem to not have any for the rest of the year. I want to be thankful at Thanksgiving - but I want to be thankful for the rest of the year, also.

We are having Thanksgiving at our house this year. It should be fun. We've done it here twice before. I have no idea who is coming -- it's not as large a group since it's not at my grandmother's house, but she just can't handle all that goes into hosting a meal for a big family anymore. She still does Christmas, but two meals in two months is just too much.

So, as I prepare the house and prepare the kitchen and prepare the food, I am praying that I find time to give thanks to the One who makes all of this possible, the One who provides all I need for every day, and not just the fourth Thursday in November.

Thank you, Lord.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Self Confidence

Blaine has no issues with self confidence. Much like his mother, he has a firm understanding of his self worth. I base this on the following conversation:

Blaine: Mom, is this how so-and-so happens? (Long, detailed, scientifically correct explanation)

Me: Yep, that's right. Good job.

Blaine: I'm a smart little boy.

Yes, he is, lol.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh, dear

I just did something really scary. I mean, incredibly terrifying.

I just completed the registration process for my college courses which start in January. Yep, you read that right -- I'm going back to school!!!

Oh, crud.

The first time I attempted college, I didn't really put forth my "full effort." In fact, the second semester, I'm relatively certain I never even met half of my professors. I was working full time, getting married and having a baby. I was a little busy. College just didn't seem like something that was all that important.

Fast forward ten years. My boys are 9, 8 & 6. I homeschool them, and I am at home all the time. I love my kids, but I truly feel like my brain is rotting. I told my husband that I felt like I needed to do something to improve myself, something to be more effective for the Lord and for my family. I was thinking something like taking piano lessons. Instead, Nate suggested I return to college.

So, after much thought, much prayer, and several sleepless nights during which I lay awake, staring up at the sky (through the roof, with my x-ray vision) wondering when on earth I was going to have time to do school, I applied. And was accepted. And registered for classes. And figured out how to PAY for the classes. And now, I am officially a Liberty University Online student.

Oh, crud.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Growing up

Justin is very concerned about growing up. It's something that this little 6 year old thinks about quite a bit.

This morning, he told me he would like a snack. Then, he said, "I think I need to learn to get my own food. I don't want to act like a little baby for the rest of my life."

I guess it's never too soon to plan for the future . . .

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

M2M scavenger hunt answers

What an awesome idea!!!

In case you're reading this and have no idea what I'm talking about, check out this post over at A Preacher's Wife!! All those PWs out there, come play along with me!

1. First Name. Dana

2. State and Country of Residence. Virginia, USA

3. Husband’s Ministry Title. Pastor. Only pastor. Solo pastor. The preacher. Chief cook and bottle washer. Dude who people call when freaking out.

4. Length of time in Current Ministry Location. My darling husband has been pastoring at FGCF since its inception, practically. The church as an entity existed for about six months before they called him, officially, in March of 2008. So, about 19 months or so. (Has it been that long?!?!? Or that short?!?!?)

5. Children? If yes, give gender and ages. I have three rambunctious, wide open little boys. Josh is 9, Blaine is 8, and Justin is 6.

6. Number of unique homes in which you’ve lived during your marriage. Just two. We've lived in our current home for about 8 years. We are an independent, nondemoninational church that is planning to stay in our local area. So, I'm hoping to live here until the Lord takes me home. I HATE packing!!!

7. Cook Sunday lunch or eat out? If I had my druthers, I'd eat out nearly every meal. But my wallet and my waistline do not permit such, so we generally eat in. I cook most of the meals, but my husband is a fabulous cook when he's in the mood!!!

8. Typically on time for Sunday School or not? Always on time. I live across the road from the building where we meet, and walk to church. I have to set up the music stuff, so we're always there 30 minutes before church should start. And then, church starts 10 minutes late.

9. Favorite TV Show. NCIS.

10. Something you watch/like/do that you would never tell the church people. My church people know me pretty well! But I don't make an issue of the fact that I read almost all fantasy novels. And I really enjoy Dan Brown novels.

11. Most annoying church-related pet peeve. People who church hop looking for a children/youth ministry that they love, but refuse to volunteer or work to grow one.

12. One thing you need to throw away but can’t bring yourself to do it. A sweater I absolutely love. It came completely unseamed up one side, and is a material that would be difficult to resew. So, it's just up on a shelf.

13. The one food you can not live without. Just one?!?! I love food! But probably buffalo wings.

14. Parsonage or have your own home? My own home. I actually live in the home my father grew up in, about half a mile from my parents. Nate's family all lives pretty close, too.

15. Freak when the doorbell rings or always ready for a visitor? I used to freak because my house was such a mess. My house is not any cleaner, but I'm more accepting of it, and freak a bit less.


Blessings & the work they require

Our church is growing! Yay!! Last week, there were 12 people in our children's church room during the sermon. I was one of them and two of them were teenage helpers, but that still means there were 9 kids! YAY!! And we had several regulars missing.

This is without a doubt a blessing. We have been reaching out to the community with events and cards and letters for the past 18 months, and they are starting to respond.

But we meet in a teeny, tiny little house. It's a two bedroom, one bath house with an open style living/dining room/kitchen that we use as the sanctuary. The bedrooms are small -- 10x12, maybe. So, when you have nine kids plus in a room, it's crowded!! And LOUD!!

Without a doubt, this growth is a blessing. But it's going to require hard work, and without a doubt a new facility. As a book I once read says, you can't create a wave. But it's up to us, in the church, to ride the waves that God creates. We're on a wave right now, and we need to make some changes so that we ride it, instead of having it crash over our heads!!