Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Real people, not molds

Nate and I are home from our bible study tonight, and we are now watching American Idol. We had a great talk on the way home -- not that we don't usually. I had a fabulous blog post written out. However, as I forgot my telepathic posting helmet, I shall have to attempt to recreate it here.

As part of our new role in children's ministry, Nate and I are spending a bit more time with our pastor and his wife. We have more of an opportunity to speak with them, and are spending more time with their children. We have always liked Chad and Julie, don't get me wrong. However, over the past months, we have come to truly respect them and one of our very favorite characteristics has been really brought home. They are real. They don't hide that they aren't perfect. Chad doesn't wear his "pastor suit" and speak with a different accent on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Julie doesn't dress their children in matching clothing and have them sit neatly throughout the entire sermon, taking notes. In Latin. They are good people, and they have good children. But they are not perfect, and they don't pretend to be.

Of all of the qualities that I admire in people, this is one of the hardest to find; the ability to be real. Watching American Idol tonight, I see these ladies and gentleman in these costumes. There is really no other way to describe what they are wearing, and these little personas that they put on to get noticed. I know why they are doing it -- they want to be the next American Idol. They need a gimmick.

My point, if I can have a point this late at night after multiple nights in a row with very little sleep, is that I want to be able to be who I am. I want to allow my children to dress themselves, even if they don't match, and give them the confidence that they look fabulous. I want my five year old to be comfortable in his footie pajamas, and never fear that someone will laugh at him. I want to raise my children to be themselves, because of my example and willingness to let my real self show. I don't want to dress a certain way, or use certain appropriate church lingo just because it is expected of me. I want my friends from church, the lady who waits on me at the grocery store, and the woman who cuts me off in traffic to see the same person inside of me. No gimmicks.

I want to be me, wrinkles and all. After all, that's who God loves - warts and all, no gimmick required. I want to be real.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Prayer Request

I may not be able to post for a couple of days. I am a glutton for punishment, who has somehow managed to overschedule our family. On Monday of this week, there will be nine children under the age of 8 in my home. On Tuesday, I will have six age 6 and under. On Wednesday, I will only have my three. On Thursday, I will have six under the age of 6 again. However, this will be a different six than on Tuesday -- and I anticipate this will be the easiest of the babysitting days. One of these extras is a 13 wk old infant, and the other two are children I watch regularly, and you can't even tell they're here! Friday will be my last day with the girls I'm watching, and there will once again be six kiddos.

So, I have no idea when I will come out of my child-induced haze to post. But I promise I'll be back.

Pray for me.


Friday, January 26, 2007

Checking in

Nothing deep or phylisophical today -- I'm too tired. It's been a long week. However, I am feeling strangely content. The house is a mess, I'm behind where I wanted to be in my transcription, I'm behind on the laundry (not that this is anything new), and I'm out of dishwashing detergent. This means that either A) the dishes pile up on the counter until tonight, when Nate brings some detergent home from the store; or B) I handwash them. Umm, get used to the piles.

Even with the piles of dishes/laundry/toys, my house is very content today. There is a noise in the air -- the noise of children playing, getting along. The TV is off, and the older boys are putting together puzzles. Justin is asleep.

All is right in the world.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Some people have absolutely no common sense

Some people have no common sense. None. Not even a little bit. Some people make choices that I simply cannot understand, under any circumstances. I absolutely don't get this.

I tried to find a link, but I couldn't. These people ride snowmobiles around a motocross like track, including things like jumping it over 100 feet. They regularly wreck, and the thing lands on them. Broken legs, arms, backs and necks are not uncommon.

I have told my children that absolutely under no circumstances should they ever, ever think about even asking me to do something that stupid. Because it ain't gonna happen.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Man, life is crazy

Well, the Rexrode clan has gone totally beserk. Seriously, totally, absolutely beserk.

Recently, Nate and I have become part of our Wed night children's ministry at our church. Actually, we're sort of leading it now. Yep, that's right. We're back in a "leadership" position at a church. Now, personally, I'm all about team leadership. I don't mind being the fall guy and doing the planning, but I'd like a lot of input. And that's the way it works here -- at least, that's the way it works now that we're in charge. :)

But in addition to this new responsibility in ministry (about which we are very, very excited!), I've also taken in some kiddos to babysit. At the moment, there are six children six and under in my house. My very, very small house. It's a bit cramped. So, this is looking like a venture that is not going to work out, at least this many children.

My point is, I think, that the Lord has really placed my home as my ministry. Nate made some (deserved) comments about how he felt coming home to a dirty house, so I've really worked at making a "home" for my children and husband, at serving the family God gave me. And then Nate and I both felt called to this cKc thing. So, we're doing that now. And then Nate is saying that he needs me to bring in more income. So, I'm following my husband's lead and submitting to his wishes, and making arrangements to bring in income. But, then I can't follow what I feel I'm being called to do, and really make a good "home." Bc trust me, this house doesn't look very homelike right now . . .

I think it may be time for a little heart-to-heart with Nate, and a little more study in the Good Book.