Sunday, February 07, 2010

Clean, clear, pristine

(NOTE: Housekeeping posts start tomorrow. It's Sunday, y'all. Take the Lord's day off!)

I braved the cold and snow today, after several days stuck up in the house. I don't generally like to be cold, even a little bit, so I usually just watch the snow. But I was going a bit stir crazy. I even contemplated reorganizing Nate's office area that he never uses, and maybe even walking into the younger boys' room to clean out toys!

In an effort to shake off those unwanted nesting-type urges, I bundled up and ventured into the snow.

I wanted to take some pictures, but I can't find my camera! One of the biggest snowstorms ever to hit our area, and my camera has disappeared somewhere. Typical.

So, here is my best effort to write some pictures of what I saw.

Picture little brown birds, perched on a picnic table covered in snow. Quick little movements, teeny little feet leaving the cutest bird tracks you ever saw as they hop around pecking up the seeds we put out yesterday.

Then, walk out farther into the yard with me. Picture a red metal swingset, well used and well loved by the many children who have played in our yard. Picture a huge pine limb, covered in heavy white snow, cracked and laying on top of the swing set. But the swing set held, and didn't even bend. I think God knew the boys would have missed it.

Walk down to the pond with me, will you? Picture an arched wooden bridge over an icy, snowy creek, covered in nearly two feet of pristine snow. Across the bridge, the pond is iced over and also covered in snow.

Then, turn your head and look down through the cow field. Picture black cows in their thick, fuzzy winter coats. See them standing in the field, usually a muddy mess but now -- just white and clean. See the limbs of the trees behind them, also white with snow, against a deep blue winter sky. No clouds in sight.

Then, like me, you can thank God for the trees, for the cows, for beautiful view and the weekend of stopping and doing nothing. And maybe, like me, you will even thank Him for the snow.

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