Monday, April 30, 2007

My brain is rotting

I wanted to write something profound, and deep, and thoughtful. I wanted to sound intelligent and pithy.

But I had seven children at my house today. And all I can come up with is, "Thank God for bedtime."


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

An image received during worship

I recently attended a woman's conference through our church, which had a very powerful worship/prayer time. I received, as clear as can be, the following image during worship time. I've held it to myself, but I feel compelled to share it now. I don't know how many people read this, but it's the best forum I have.

An image received during worship

I am a vessel, in the rain as the sun shines down.
My hands are lifted to the sun
while the rain fills me.

The rain is cool, and warms me at the same time.
It refreshes.
It fills me.

I was so empty, so dry.
I begin to fill
the rain begins to quench
Dry, cracked vessel
I begin to heal

But then --
I am called away
I hear a voice, calling my name
The voice calls me out of the sun, out of the filling rain
My Lord asks me to stay, but I begin to note the passage of time.
I am distracted from His warmth, from the rain
I answer the call of Everyday Life. I step away from the filling, out of His rain, out of His sun, into the world. Only half full.

The rain still falls
But not into me

Come back, He calls. Come back, and be filled to overflowing. But I wait. I wait, until I am once again dry and cracked, almost broken, before I step into His rain, into His sun.

And He welcomes me back. Every time.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I am a UVA Cavalier fan, born and bred. My great grandfather was a professor there, I've followed Wahoo sports my entire life. I even went there for one year, and hope one day to finish my degree, and graduate there. We have an ongoing joke with Nate's cousin -- a Hokie, who is married to a Hokie. We are trying desperately to get their son, Noah, to say "Wahoowa." In response, he smiles and says, "Go Hokies."

This is way bigger than any rivalry -- way bigger than a football game or a basketball game. Today, we are friend and family. Today, we are united through a horrible, horrible tragedy that should never have occured.

So, today, I stand with everyone, in support of Virginia Tech.

Go Hokies.