Saturday, February 06, 2010


I used to be a horrible housekeeper. Seriously, awful. My grandmother came once a week and cleaned my house. And that was back when I only had two children at home!

These days, I usually have five little ones at home. Josh (9), Blaine (8), Justin (6), Ayumi (1) and Cy-guy (1). The younger two are little ones I babysit. They are tons of fun -- but babies are work!

I'm not the world's best housekeeper, but I keep it pretty well picked up. The laundry is usually caught up, the floors have been vacuumed, the kitchen cleaned. It's not Martha Stewart's house by any means, but all in all -- company can drop by and it won't set me off.

There has been a lot of talk on various boards I post on about the best methods/systems for housekeeping.

Now, I am no expert. I have a looooong way to go. But in an effort to get out some thoughts on an issue that is obviously near and dear to the hearts of many Christian stay at home moms (and maybe to induce myself to blog more regularly), I'm going to blog about these issues this week!

My very first blog series! Wahoo.


joannmski said...

I am excited Dana! Can't wait to learn something. I have a lot to learn. :-)

Tarasview said...

looking forward to it!